Our Voice: Sustainability Conference for young people by young people 2014


attended by over 400 students involving over 20 schools and pre-schools.

Some highlights from the conference:

Our keynote speaker, Noah Dingle, 6, from Freshwater Steiner School, Victoria shared his experience of raising money to support the survival of the endangered sun bears in Borneo through his fundraiser Noah’s Sun Bear Fundraiser. The children and young people conference participants were inspired by Noah’s endeavours and some students said they would like to do their own environmental initiative too.




CJ Woolbank performing his own songs relating to the environment and sustainability in the opening session.

painting painting2

Our Graffiti wall

Children and young people facilitated a number of exciting workshops and activities including showcasing sustainable project models, growing foods, establishing worm farms, installing solar cells, protecting threathened species, establishing Koala Corriders, documentaries to highlight sustainable practices, becoming a ‘waste wise’ school, the problems of marine debris, water conservation practices, learning songs about caring for our environment, and films created by students to illustrate the problem of plastics in the environment.

Potsville   presentationpainting3 bexhill

The children found the interactive workshops very engaging and the teachers and parents thought the conference was a wonderful opportunity for children to come together and share ideas and knowledge!

 activity activity2 activity3 model


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