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Some activities at ‘Our Voice’ conference

 oliviapaintpaint2paint3Students from Ocean Shores Public School experimenting with hand painting

Students from Evans River K-  12 School presenting a seminar relating to the problem of plastics in the oceans!


A relating snow ball comment: “If we don’t stop littering in oceans, the animals could be endangered”.

Diorama relating to sustainability by Collin’s Creek school

A snow ball comment relating to this seminar:

“I really loved the Collins Creek presentation because I learnt that the average shopping cart travels around the earth at least 2 times”.
“I loved the Collins camp presentation because I leant about food. Food goes a long way and I liked that there were different things to do”.


All schools were given local rainforest trees to plant specific for their area – donated by Dorroughby Environmental Education Centre

and provided by Firewheel Rainforest Nursery


The students wrote their names on hand made seeded paper (Thyme, Oregano and Lettuce seeds).

They took their name badges home and planted them.


Most of the fruit for morning tea was from local farms – see some comments on the student snow balls: “The fruit was nice –  thank you”; “Helping the environment means to get seasonal food”; “I learnt about food miles I was not previously aware of this concept”


Enjoying some rice cooked in the solar oven!


Our friendly platypus who conducted the activities relating to the protection of platypus habitat in our local region!

Children from Cooper’s Creek school observing a live yabby!

Some snow ball comments: ” I liked the Platypus presentation. Platypuses have spurs and males have venomous ones.”

The students were surprised that Platypus can become trapped in Yabby traps and this leads to the death of the platypus!


Students from Main Arm Public School thinking about how they can save water!

bexhill2 bexhill

Bexhill Primary school students participating in the conference activities and seminars

Photos by David Rousell and Maia Osborn

Have a look at all the snow ball and Graffiti wall comments together:

Our Voice – voice

See also a link to an article by David Rousell about the conference in the Byron Echo :